Natural Rudraksha | 10 Mukhi | Origin – Nepal | Lab Certified

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Rudraksha beads find several religious mentions in Hindu Mythology. These beads ranging from 2 to several Mukhis comes from two main origin as – Nepalian Rudraksha and Java(Indonesia) Rudraksha.

Though the market if flooded with fake Rudraksh, we strive to provide you the best quality Rudraksha which you can get lab tested from us too. For instance, the buyers are often duped while buying the half-moon(kaju-dana) Rudraksha which is usually sold as Nepalian Rudraksha but is actually a Bhadraksha and is not a real Rudraksha.

Rudraksha comes in various shapes depending upon the the Mukhi lines which decides the number of seeds and compartment inside the bead. It is known to have several healing powers as per Hindu Mythology. Generally worn as a bracelet of several beads or as a pendant with single bead, Rudraksha is adored by masses for its religious mentions and associated powers.

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