Natural Blue Sapphire | Wt - 6.20 ct
Origin - Ceylon | GGL Lab Certified


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Hailing from the igneous rocks and alluvial deposits, the Blue Sapphire, also known by its Hindi name Neelam, is refined to embellish you with a plush stature. It is a stately gem designed exclusively to epitomize nobility in your costume. Besides being an attractive ornament, this is a gem that you shall wear in your rings, pendants, and bracelets to pronounce your aura amidst the crowd you spend a special occasion with. Since Blue Sapphire comes in many standard shapes like oval, round, emerald, and cushion, and other delicate shapes such as cabochon, and convex dome, you have a lot to choose from for adorning your Lehenga to Dungaree dresses.

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