What should I do in case of payment failure?
First, we would suggest you to retry making the payment after ensuring that the account details, billing addresses and passwords you have entered is accurate. If you are still unable to make payment, you can opt for the Cash on Delivery (COD) payment option available on the payment page.
And if your account is debited after a payment failure, the amount will be credited back within 7-10 days, after we receive a confirmation from the bank.

I have lost the lab certificate and original packaging of the product. Can I still return the gemstone?
In the absence of original product certificate, invoices, documentations, lab certificates, packaging, discount coupons, etc. you are not eligible for the 100% refund.
However, you may still be eligible for a replacement under our Exchange policy. You may also contact our customer support service describing your issue for further guidance.

Can I return a gemstone that I ordered on Huelane and got studded in a ring?
We do not accept the altered, damaged or used product under our Return Policy. However, you are eligible for Huelane-credit which will be decided after careful examination of the stone condition by our gemologist.This credit can be used for future purchases at Huelane.

How do I check the status of my order?
You need to tap on “My Orders” section of your Huelane account under main menu of website to check your order status.

How do I track my order?
When you place an order with us, you are notified about its scheduled delivery.You can track your order on our website and also notifications regarding the processing, shipment and delivery will be sent to you via e-mail.

Can I change the shipping address when the order has already been placed?
Yes, you can the shipping address of your order before the “processing stage”, by updating it under ‘change address’ option which is available under ‘My order’ section of App/Website/M-site.

Why my return request has been declined?
If the item you returned is used, damaged, original lab certificate and other related documents are missing then the customer is not eligible for a refund and Huelane will have no liability in this regard. For more details, please call our customer support service.

Why COD option is not available in my location?
Unfortunately, the COD facility is limited by our courier partners as they don’t offer this service on certain locations. When you enter your pin-code while placing order with us, you can check for the availability option of COD. In that case you can choose from the other payment options available.

How long does it take to get the refund amount back?
After the refund process has been initiated as per the Returns Policy, the refund amount is expected to reflect in the customer account as per the following timelines:
1. Online Refund – 7 to 10 days post refund initiation, depending on your bank partner
2. NEFT – 1 to 3 business days post refund initiation
3. UPI wallet – 1 to 3 business days post refund initiation
4. Internet Banking – 1 to 3 business days post refund initiation
Please note that Huelane initiates the refund upon successful return pick up followed by a successful quality-check by our gemstone investigators.

If I return/cancel an item, will GST/VAT amount charged be refunded?
Yes. The applicable GST/VAT amount will also be refunded into the source account selected at the time of return initiation. However, delivery charge (applicable on a purchase of less than Rs.500) is non-refundable.